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Last year took my f-350 in for an alignment. They told me I needed to replace a steering gear box, so I did.

Suppose to have a warranty. HaHa! Yesterday, took my truck to my regular mechanic. He said the steering box was leaking.

I contacted Break Check they said to bring it in so they could look at it. So I DID. They confirmed the steering box had gone bad. (first bill was over $500.00).

THey said the part was warrantied but it would cost me over $150. for them to replace what they already replaced. NOT acceptable. I made several phone calls, and spoke to Rob Norman no help and he thinks he has no superiors.

He told me they would replace the gear box and discount labor. I told him I didnt want them to touch my vehicle. He said I could pick up the new gear box, and have my mechanic put it in. An hour later he called me and said he couldn't do that.

That really pissed me off. Made more phone calls Mr. Forero said we could do that so I left to pick up the old gear box and get the new one from Break Check. As I'm leaving I get a phone call, saying they cant do that, AGAIN, REALLY, I called another person who seems to think he has no superori Alan Hakes VP ( of uncustomer service) another rip off artist.

He told me to bring the truck in and they would replace the part. I told him the part had already been removed, he said again to bring my truck. What kind of *** DO YOU HAVE TO BE the part is out the truck in undriveable. I asked for a refund.

HAHAHA!!! this company has no customer service qualities at all. If you are smart dont even let them put air in your tires. This experience has cost me well over $900.00.

Please DONT be another person who gets ripped off. The CEO/President Dave Peveto, and the COO/President John Peveto, apperently are not concerned with customer service just the almighty $$$$.

And their emplyoees dont have bosses. It is a shame.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #654217

Apparently they don't care about dissatisfied customers cause they haven't responded with their usual same response message

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